Видео: JAWS Screen Reader Demo

Screen Reader Demo

Jason demonstrates JAWS.

JAWS Windows 10 Desktop Overview

The Windows 10 desktop is where you find a list view of program or app icons. Learn how to find icons, start apps, and more ...

Screen Reader Demo for Digital Accessibility

Screen Reader Demo for Digital Accessibility.

Jaws Basics for Beginners part 1 for Sighted Learners

Frequently people who work in education need to know how Jaws works. This video introduces how to use Jaws with Microsoft's ...

JAWS: Introduction

Introduction to JAWS (Job Access with Speech) Software.

Navigating Web Pages with JAWS

In collaboration with the Baltimore County Public Library System, LBPH offers a quick tutorial on how to navigate web pages on an ...

Screen Reader Demo

This video demonstrates how a screen reader operates when doing searches and reading pages.

Jaws Demo

Teacher for students with visual impairments demonstrates the use of the Jaws screen reader.

A comparison of screen readers – New in JAWS 16 – CNIB

In this video, Jason goes over some of the new features available in the latest version of the program, called JAWS 16. Created by ...

Demo of JAWS Screen Reader, March 2011

Peggy Hoover, an employee from the College of Health and Human Development, demonstrates how she uses JAWS to navigate ...

PDF Accessibility Seminar NYC - JAWS Screen Reader Demo

Lou Fioritto, Co-owner Braille Works Int'l Inc. demonstrates what it is like to use a screen reader with an un-tagged pdf, a poorly ...

Using the new features in JAWS 18

Listen Danny Keogh demonstrate some of the features of JAWS 18 including audio ducking, mouse echo and merging settings.

Screen Reader Demo

How do people who can't see a computer screen navigate a website? Colleen explains the basics of how she uses a ...

jaws demo part 1

A JAWS demonstration for Visually Impaired.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - JAWS Screen Reader Demo

Mike Jones, Accessibility Analyst with the Digital Accessibility Centre demonstrates common issues found on websites when ...

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